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Career and Technology Education Framework
Candidate is the person presenting for assessment.
The formal recognition of a persons occupational qualifications [NQF or Statement of Competency] regardless of the way they have been acquired.  A certificate issued by an Accredited Training Organisation using an approved format and design as an official document.
The process of grouping competencies into combinations which have meaning and purpose related to work functions and needs in an industry or enterprise.
The specification of knowledge and skill and the application of that knowledge and skill to the standard of performance expected in the workplace and to industry standards. ALSO: The ability to perform tasks and duties to the standard expected in the workplace/industry.
 Competency standard
An industry-determined specification of performance which sets out the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to operate effectively in employment. Competency standards are made up of units of competency, which are themselves made up of elements of competency, together with performance criteria, a range of variables, and an evidence guide. Competency standards are an endorsed component of a National Qualification Framework.
 Competency-based assessment
The gathering and judging of evidence in order to decide whether a person has achieved a required standard of competence.
 Competency-based training
Training that develops the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to achieve competency standards.
To take an existing item such as a document, plan or idea and put it into another context. For example, customising your training delivery to suit a particular workplace or adapting an assessment plan to suit a particular candidate's needs.