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National Qualifications Framework
The policy framework that defines all qualifications recognised nationally in post-compulsory education and training within a country. The NQF comprises titles and guidelines, which define each qualification, together with principles and protocols covering articulation and issuance of qualifications, and Statements of Attainment.
The National Training Agency (AKA Authority) is established with responsibility for the development of national policy, goals and objectives for the TVET sector; as well as promotion, administration, funding and research for the TVET system.  To maintain separation the NTA is not normally responsible for training delivery at the operational level.  The NTA does however provide quality assurance oversight to the TVET system but note this does not include conducting assessment or examinations.
 National Qualification
National Qualification is a cluster of performance (unit/competency) standards grouped together according to an agreed formula for a defined level within the National Qualifications Framework, to represent a job, occupation or learning outcome.
 Needs analysis
AKA Training Needs Analysis. A practical approach with the aim of gathering information to assist in identifying the needs of a project, for example, a program plan for training a target group within an organisation.
A term used to describe a set of guidelines, rules or 'code of conduct' for communication in an online environment.