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The education and training sector responsible for developing the skills and knowledge of individuals for work. It includes vocational education and training undertaken in industries, enterprises, government agencies, and community and school settings. The vocational education and training sector encompasses both recognised training leading to a qualification/Statement of Attainment under a National Qualifications Framework (NQF), and non recognised training, such as in-house, product-based training. Recognised training is delivered by organisations registered by a National Training Agency (NTA), in accordance with the National TVET Accreditation Framework.
 TVET Accreditation Framework
TVET Accredtiation Framework (TAF) The policy framework that defines all standards for accreditation or training providers. The TAF, based on ISO 9000:2000, describes quality assurance processes for national consistency and continuous improvement of the NQF applicable to the TVET sector.
Theorists are 'big picture' people who seek linkages between existing and new information, and establish relationships between ideas, events and situations. They like to ask questions - to challenge assumptions, to analyse and participate in complex situations. The theorist style of learner will need to know all the background information - all the 'whys' and 'hows' are important. Ask them to undertake a task or activity without explaining why they should and you might be met with some resistance. Theorists like certainty not ambiguity - they seek logic and objectivity.
 Training Program Outline
A Training Program Outline (TPO) provides details of the training program to be undertaken by an apprentice/trainee, including the name of the qualification and choice of Accredtied Training Organisation (ATO).
 Transitional phases
Stages at which something changes from one to the next. In training, this may be when a new topic is being introduced or a new concept is being explored, or when learners need to change their thinking or perspective.