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 Valid, sufficient, current and authentic
The four golden rules of gathering evidence for assessment.
Valid - does the evidence relate to a unit of competence? Does the evidence reflect the four dimensions of competency? Does it address the key competencies?
Sufficient - is the full range of performance identified in the standards covered? Does the evidence show competence over a period of time and in a range of contexts?
Current - does the evidence show that the candidate can perform the competence while working? Is it benchmarked against industry standards?
Authentic - is this the candidate's own work?
Validation involves reviewing, comparing and evaluating assessment processes, tools and evidence contributing to judgements made by a range of assessors against the same standards. Validation strategies may be internal processes with stakeholder involvement or external validations with other providers and/or stakeholders
 Validity of Assessment
How accurate and meaningful an assessment is compared to an occupation of training program - it assesses what it claims to assess and is related to relevant standards.