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Provide room service

code : WT-M7
module name Provide room service
module code WT-M7

Module title

Provide room service

Related Qualification

Uganda Vocational Qualification 1 (UVQ 1) (WAITRON) /

Uganda Intermediate Craft Certificate (UICC) (WAITRON).


Waitron M7

Level of competence


Module purpose

At the end of this module, a competent waitron should be able to provide room service to clients staying at the hotel.

Learning-Working Assignments (LWAs)

LWA 1: Provide room service.

Related Practical Exercises (PEXs)

LWA 1: Provide room service.

PEX 1.1: Make mis-en-place.

PEX 1.2: Take and process orders.

PEX 1.3: Arrange room service trolleys and trays.

PEX 1.4: Clear trays and trolleys from rooms.

Occupational health and safety

Precautions, rules and regulations on occupational health, safety and environmental protection, included in the related knowledge listings as well as in test items should be observed and demonstrated during LWAs and PEXs.

Pre-requisite modules

M1, M2, M3, M4, M5

Related knowledge/ theory

Occupational theory

a.    State the equipment required for food and beverage service.

b.    Explain the importance and application of portion control.

c.    Describe the procedures of serving beverages.

d.    Describe methods, procedures and techniques for order-taking.

e.    Describe procedures and methods of the service, clearing and storage of equipment.

f.     Explain the procedures and processes of billing.

g.    Explain different types of billing systems.

Average duration of learning

2 weeks (including 10 hours of occupational theory). It is understood that 1 week is equivalent to 20 hours of teaching and learning.

[to be reviewed with regard to learning on the job and learning in a training centre].

Suggestions on organization of learning

The acquisition of competencies (skills, knowledge, attitudes) described in this module may take place:

A. On the job (in a restaurant) with related learning of theory through off-the-job instructions (e.g. during evenings or weekends at training centres)


B. At a training centre only, provided that all equipment and materials specified below are in place.


Assessment to be conducted according to established regulations under the guidance of the relevant body. Assessment of competencies to be done by using related Practical and Written Test Items from Item Bank (refer to Part II of this ATP for samples labelled related Duty/Task ā€œCā€). 

Required tools/ equipment/implements

Computers, Telephones, clocks, Trays, trolleys, Cup/saucers, Plates, Tea pots, Cutlery, Glass ware, cruets.

Required materials and consumables

Sugar, tray liners, tooth picks, tea bags, salt, bill books, control books, menus, door knob cards, folders.

Special notes


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