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In brief, the portal will provide “a means to present information from diverse sources in a consistent way with a uniform look and feel”. It will provide a space for common information (like that from the Government such as standards, curriculum, accreditation of training providers and assessment and certification) and information specific to training providers such as courses offered and about jobs like occupational profiles and placement opportunities.

The portal will establish one single entry point for Uganda’s BTVET system online and operate as a directory of individuals and organisations participating in the BTVET system. Furthermore, the portal will provide a means of disseminating cross cutting information such as that related to Occupational profiles, the UVQF and accreditation in a BTVET One-Stop-Shop. To maximize the benefits across all users, a system of shared content libraries, news, discussions and surveys will enable the single website to serve the interactive cross-cutting demands of the BTVET community. To minimize costs of setting up and maintaining the information on the portal each user will be responsible for their own part of the web space with an operating agency only supporting the registration, hosting and home page, thus contributing to growth and sustainability.

ATP content

Posted by Anonymous User at 27-06-2012 17:01

I congratulate you to this portal and its excellent structure. It can be a good information source for anybody looking to learn more. It would therefore be ideal, if you were able to provide the missing ATP profiles, as these are very helpful to gain a first level understanding of the requirements for the different occupations you offer training for.



Uganda Vocational Qualifications Framework

Posted by Anonymous User at 21-02-2014 18:26
Hello, I am looking for a copy of The Uganda Vocational Qualifications Framework and it does not seem to be on the portal page for documents. Please email me with qualifications for vocational training programs at Thank you.