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conditions of membership

This document explains what each invited member needs to understand and accept prior to using the Uganda BTVET portal.

The Uganda BTVET portal was created to provide a global, open-access communications exchange between training provider, institutions etc. working on an integrated approach to increase the interaction in the area of vocational training and employment promotion.

As invited members of the portal you are encouraged to login, take some time to familiarize yourself with how the portal works, and contribute content to the Portal.

In addition to invited members, individuals from the global community are allowed to visit the portal and access information designated for Public view without logging in.

what the portal has to offer a registered member

1. the portal is a secure web based database or content management system (CMS) that allows you to upload content to the internet without knowledge of HTML code. It is basically a password-protected 'virtual' file cabinet with folders and files you can manage online.

2. The content you can upload to the Internet inside the portal folders includes:

    • links to external web sites and pages and internal portal content.
    • file content like microsoft word, excel and powerpoint files, adobe acrobat files, and audio and video files.
    • digital images that are in a web friendly file format like .jpg, .gif, or .png.
    • web pages made up of text and images, stored on the portal.
    • adobe flash animation and video.
    • calendar events to be listed on an interactive portal public or private group calendar.
    • news items of interest to the global portal community or to a private group.

3. the portal lets you upload and store your content, privately or publicly, in a personal folder created just for you, within a group folder you either created or joined, and inside the portal public space: XYZ, links, help, calendar, and news

4. you are allowed to use the portal as your own personal storage tool allowing you to access your uploaded content at any time, day or night, from anywhere in the world where you have access the internet and a web browser.

5. you can use the portal to work with your colleagues or other portal members in a group setting as a virtual team, large or small, across time and space.

6. the portal allows you to easily share your content (created in your personal or group space) privately among a set group of individuals that you define.

7. the portal allows you to easily make your content (created in your personal or group space) public in order to share with a larger user group (designated by you) and/or the global community.

8. you can publish your content for public view from inside your personal folder or group space, or submit your content to the portal editorial librarian for placement into the portal’s public areas: XYZ, links, help, calendar, and news.

9. the portal allows you to “link” to content residing off the portal as well as establish “links” to content published ‘on’ the Portal.

10. the portal, by virtue of its unique multi-disciplinary, cross-sector membership, and the portal member search function, facilitates the sharing of ‘human’ resources. the portal “members” tab can be used to locate individuals for possible collaboration, review their credentials and/or work, and initiate direct email contact. members will only be searchable if they publish their personal workspace or set it as public draft.

11. the portal values your experience and knowledge and allows you to comment or add anecdotal information, where appropriate, to content posted to the portal.

12. the portal was designed to share education and/or training. members are encouraged to post their training and/or educational materials inside the training area as well as conduct training directly through the portal to a public or private audience.

13. the portal has a powerful integrated search feature that automatically aligns to keywords inside the title and description of all content uploaded anywhere on the portal (personal folders, groups, library, training, links, help, calendar, and news) including comments attached to items, allowing for a more comprehensive search, retreival, and information dissemination experience.

what membership implies:

1. you will take time to learn the portal tools that facilitate portal use including accessing, posting, storing, and sharing content.

2. you will share your expertise, social and professional networks, whenever appropriate, by establishing or joining a portal group which is, in essence, a virtual presence for your team or project, and a step toward a community of practice in vocational training.

3. as a valued member, whenever possible or appropriate, whether working alone or as a team, you will agree to post content publicly, in essence share the content globally. The content shared could be the documents or media referenced during an independent or group work activity or the end result of said work.

thank you for joining!


Posted by Anonymous User at 21-01-2009 11:27
Dear colleagues, we are writing from the Ugaprivi East office Mbale -

This website is great, exactly what many of our members have been looking for, a forum for vocational education from all possible points of view.

We discovered it completely by accident and regret that there has been no official information neither by UGAPRIVI nor by other PEVOT partners.

Plse, advice how to become a member. We then want to immediately mobilise our UGAPRIVI members Eastern Region.

Best regards - Ulrike Neundorf, T/A Ugaprivi East


Posted by Anonymous User at 29-01-2009 18:00
We Vocation College Kituti(VOCK), Pallisa district. VOCK is a new college with a mission:"Technology for Rural Development" and indeed our Campus is based in a very rural Environment on a 50 acre land. We are looking for networking and this is a good place to start. Send us your forms for applying to be a member:

Steven dagada