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entry last updated: 18-05-2015 09:54
entry last updated: 18-05-2015 09:52
how to join last updated: 05-05-2015 13:12
how to join
fees structure last updated: 23-04-2015 08:36
fees structure
JOINING INSTRUCTIONS last updated: 31-03-2015 01:08
fees structure last updated: 29-03-2015 00:04
fees structure
matter ofconcern last updated: 18-03-2015 21:00
matter ofconcern
Registration at Spear Motors TC last updated: 10-03-2015 11:06
Registration at Spear Motors TC
Spear Motors Apprenticeship Training Centre last updated: 10-03-2015 10:49
The year 1991 marked the upcoming of Spear Motors Apprenticeship Training Centre, barely two years after the parent company Spear Motors Limited celebrated its 15th anniversary. The initiation and subsequent founding of the Training Centre was by Mr. Gordon Wavamunno, the Chairman of the Spear Group of Companies. His vision was born from the desire to produce a cadre of skilled and competent automotive mechanics and technicians by offering them a special and suitable technical training here in Uganda. This represented an effort initiated by Spear Motors to address the desired need in Uganda, due to the critical shortage of technical and skilled manpower to man the automotive sector at a time when government was and still is advocating for the vocationalization of education in Uganda.
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fee structure last updated: 01-03-2015 20:27
fee structure
inquiry last updated: 21-02-2015 23:17
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INQUIRY last updated: 15-01-2015 09:57
former student last updated: 04-12-2014 01:28
former student
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chicken sales
Registration last updated: 18-11-2014 11:50
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