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Spear Motors Apprenticeship Training Centre

Kibuuka Stephen

private training provider


Spear Motors Apprenticeship T/C on Plot M428 Nakawa Jjinja Road
P.O Box 1350 Kampala, Uganda
e-mail :

+256 41505664 /+256 41505666

+256 41505663

automotive, information and communication technology


The Spear Motors Training Centre is a private educational institution located within the Spear Motors Complex on Plot M428 Nakawa Jjinja Road and is currently fully supported by the parent company, Spear Motors Limited, on a cost-sharing basis. Occasional support from Daimler AG in Stuttgart Germany and subsidies from German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) have been extended to it.

The Training Centre acquired recognition from the Ministry of Education and Sports with registration number PCS/S/99 and centre number UT087 from the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB). The centre is classified both as Technical and Vocational Educational Institution.

The courses offered are:

  • A two-year non-residential full-time course leading to the award of Motor Vehicle Technicians’ Certificate Part I (MVT I) and a Certificate in Automotive Mechanics offered by the Centre, based on curriculum of Training in contact with Daimler Ag Stuttgart.
  • A one year non-residential full-time course leading to the award of Motor Vehicle Technicians’ Certificate Part II (MVT II) and a Certificate in Automotive Mechanics Part II.
  • A blending course of ICT has been introduced to enable the Trainees' fluency in the Computer world as regards to the modern diagnostics of the automotive repairs. A recognised certificate of Competency may be prepared for those at the end of the course by Spear Motors Training Centre. Emphasis on manipulation of Linux Systems (Open Source Software) is being fostered.

At the end of the course, the Graduands are fully equipped with both theory and practical technical competencies to enable them compete favourably in the dynamic motor industry. Students sit for final Internal and External UNEB Examinations for the respective courses. Successful Candidates acquire Certificates of competency to handle the dynamic world of the automotive era.


Spear Motors Apprenticeship Training Centre
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Course Requirements Jan 2011 btvet vers..pdf
Information and Communication Technology - (Blending Course)
To provide computer skills and enhance it with the current vehicle diagnosis using the Star Diagnosis Tool from Mercedes Benz. In line with the IP/BTVET Development Plan, Spear Motors has acquired a state-of-the-art ICT LAB situated within the Spear Motors Limited Complex. In its infant stages, there is growing hope that we will be able to offer one of the best IT Training in the Vocational Skills for our trainees as well as other clients (Spear Motors Staff and Customers). To fully achieve this strategy, our dedicated Instructors attended a blending course from the EACOSS East Africa Centre for Open Source Software in Nakawa, on top of another one dealing with Networking in Open Source Management. A new Instructor was recruited together with a full-time ICT LAB Attendant to cater for the influxing of the integrated course within the Automotive main course. A sample of timetable depicting the number of times the lessons are delivered to both first and second years has also been in place for the last term (June-September 2010) running.
New Intake Academic Year 2011-2012 (Spear Motors Training Centre, Nakawa Jjinja Rd., from 03-01-2011 07:10 to 04-02-2011 16:00)
Application for Intake - Academic Year 2011-2012 is in progress!
Management and Admistration SpMo TC
This depicts the Management and Administering of day-to-day activites in the Training CEntre. Inclusive are the Borad Members, Administration of TC as well as Students Body (Guild President, Deputy Guild and Class Captains)
Motor Vehicle
To rectify faults and
Hands-on Assimilation for First Years 2011-2012
Trainees from all walks of life apply and selection on merit is carried out by the dedicated Staff of the Centre (Females are encouraged to apply). The Training then kicks off by envisaging Theoretical know-how with Practice-oriented skills acquistion. At the end of each Training topic, tests to ascertain assessment success are handed out. Practical skills are also re-inforced by way of demonstrations and active participation by Trainees themselves.