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Information and Communication Technology - (Blending Course)

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To provide computer skills and enhance it with the current vehicle diagnosis using the Star Diagnosis Tool from Mercedes Benz. In line with the IP/BTVET Development Plan, Spear Motors has acquired a state-of-the-art ICT LAB situated within the Spear Motors Limited Complex. In its infant stages, there is growing hope that we will be able to offer one of the best IT Training in the Vocational Skills for our trainees as well as other clients (Spear Motors Staff and Customers). To fully achieve this strategy, our dedicated Instructors attended a blending course from the EACOSS East Africa Centre for Open Source Software in Nakawa, on top of another one dealing with Networking in Open Source Management. A new Instructor was recruited together with a full-time ICT LAB Attendant to cater for the influxing of the integrated course within the Automotive main course. A sample of timetable depicting the number of times the lessons are delivered to both first and second years has also been in place for the last term (June-September 2010) running.

Receipt of IT Equipment from IP/BTVET - MoES
As promised by the Officilas from IP/BTVET, the long awaited Consignment of IT Equipment was finally delivered to the Training Centre Block by Interfreight and was recieved by the Principal, Mr. Matovu A. Gyagenda on behalf of the Proprieter, Prof. Gordon Wavamunno!
Principal with IT Equipment Oct 2009.jpg
Sample of a 2-week rotating Timetable with Blended Computer Lessons 2010
This Timetable shows the rotation of a group of Trainees who are at the same time carrying out their Industrial Training Phase within Spear Motors Training Centre. Some of them have to undertake some activities in skiils acquistion in Fitting and Benchwork, while others attend the prescribed lessons in ICT Lab of Spear Motors Training Centre. Trainees, according to IPBTVET Contract, take first priority when it comes to Utilising the ICT Lab. Other sandwiched Programs are being initialised to enable also our other Customers such as Spear Motors Staff and Clients to use the facilities, incl. Internet Access and Simple Packages acquistion.
Activities in ICT Lab SpMo TC
Here you find all the activities including pictures and images during the activities.