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How it all started

Bakery The Ugandan economy needs trained workers to sustain and expand its industries and contribute to economic growth as a whole. This is a prime requirement for the reduction of poverty, and the hope of a better future.

Unfortunately there are not enough appropriate opportunities for Ugandan youth to learn vocational skills. However private institutions are amongst the most important providers of vocational training. Currently around 45% of all vocational training available in Uganda is provided by such private institutions.

Beautician     However, the private institutions face many problems. There are widely     differing standards, poor administration, and insufficient communication         between the training institutions. As a result, the institutions have failed     to gain recognition by the government, or by the people who should be         benefiting from them. As the majority of Ugandans are too poor to pay the     school fees, access remains difficult and the institutions themselves can     only finance themselves with difficulty.

    The Uganda Association of Private Vocational Institutions (UGAPRIVI) was     formed to improve the quality and the image of private vocational                 institutions, and to strengthen this educational sector as a whole.

Image     Its main aim is to foster collaboration             between private training institutions throughout the country and to improve, not just the standards of the training provided, but also its relevance for the actual employment market. UGAPRIVI acts thereby as a mediator and an interface between its members, the private sector, the government and its development partners

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Posted by Anonymous User at 03-07-2015 12:07
thanks UGAPRIVI,
Just want to know when this association started, How many institutions are registered under UGAPRIVI.


Posted by Anonymous User at 08-05-2017 13:17
How can one be a member of UGAPRIVI

List of private vocational Training institutions

Posted by Anonymous User at 04-06-2017 16:52
I commend UGAPRIVI for this website bse it educates people about what vocational education is and the training providers. However, new institutions keep on being established and even registered by the Ministry of Education and Sports. Why done you list all of them and their locations and only provide details of those who are registered members?
Ocaka Gabriel.

No information

Posted by Anonymous User at 17-03-2018 12:41
I needed the list of institutions. I can't find them
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