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National Association with Regional Focus



UGAPRIVI is a national organisation with regional offices covering all districts of the country, ensuring that the poorer and structurally weaker areas will benefit from the initiatives in the vocational training sector. The Association has sectioned Uganda in nine regions. These are: Central, East A, East B, North, South, South West, West A, West B and West Nile.The networked and decentralised approach allows a grassroots oriented and bottom up initiative of the Associations' members. The regions are organised according to a national pattern. An elected regional representative heads a Regional Advisory Committee. Regional data and needs are collected and addressed wherever they occur. The Regional Advisory Committees are in the position to draft programmes and plan activities for the improvement of their situations.

Personal information exchange happens in the course of the quarterly Board of Directors meetings. Regional Representatives of the North sit next to the Regional Representatives of the South and report on the progress or particular situations in their regions.

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